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Club Announcements 


Due to the current events regarding the coronavirus outbreak, ALL training at Quibell Park has been suspended for the time being.


Hopefully we will be back to normal as soon as possible.



Humber Warm Up


Unfortunately, the Humber winter warm up event scheduled for 21st March has been CANCELLED.

A rescheduled date will be sent out as soon as possible.



Commitee Announcement


After a successful AGM, we would like to say thank you, and welcome, to all of the new committee members.





AGM Announcement


Notice is hereby given of the Scunthorpe & District Athletics Club Annual General Meeting that is to take place in the Quibell Park Clubhouse on Tuesday 25th February 2020 from 6pm.


We encourage all members/parents to attend as we form a new Committee for the 2020/21 season and look to improve the club.

The agenda for the meeting will be published soon.


Please come along and support the club however you can.





**** Track shut Thursday 14th Nov ******


Once again I am afraid Track is flooded and due to 100% chance of rain for next few hours the council has shut the track , no training tonight






No Training Tonight Thursday 7th Nov


Training is cancelled due to the track being flooded.          


        !! URGENT !!


Notice is hereby given that an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) for Scunthorpe & District Athletics Club has been called for Thursday 13th June 2019 at 6pm in the Club House at Quibell Park Stadium, for the purpose of nominations to fill the required positions of:


1. Chairman


2. Treasurer


3. Club Secretary


4. Tuesday evening subs collector


Please let us know if any of these positions are of interest to you, and we would appreciate as many attendees on the night as possible to assist the club in moving forwards.


Training will commence as soon as the meeting has finished.


Once again, please attend and show your support for the club.




Monday 11th March 2019




Membership fees are now due - could you please fill out a new membership form (available from the clubhouse AND in the 'Contact Us' tab ) and return it as soon as possible. Thank you.




Saturday  2nd March 2019


Entry forms are available in the FIXTURES area of the website.




Saturday 2nd Feb 2019


There is an updated entry form for the clubs Winter Warm Up on the 31st March which is being held in conjunction with the Royal Air Force.

The entry form is available on the Fixtures page.





Monday 28th Jan 2019


Please check the clubs FaceBook page to see if training sessions will be on during these inclement weather conditions.






5th Jan 2019

Cross Country